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Lessons from my nephew and my sister

Today my sister published a piece on The Mighty about her son and his experience getting excluded from his Boy Scouts troop, essentially because they couldn’t handle his autism. I will have to revise... Read More

Chords and tears

Today was a day of children singing and playing music, and a day of me crying. At the UU church where got married in 2002 and are these days, at best, sometimes-attendees, today was an all-welcome service... Read More

I have no words

Today, I lost my keys. I lost patience. I lost hope. I am not yet sure what I gained. After looking unsuccessfully for my keys, at least I found this. Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on... Read More

Interviewing a local leader – D.C.’s lil omm yoga studio owner Pleasance Silicki

My blog work today was to post an interview with a local – and national – leader in the children and family yoga scene here in Metro DC, Pleasance Silicki, owner of lil omm yoga studio. Mom of two... Read More

You can’t splash in puddles if it doesn’t rain

At the last second, I changed my mind against picking my kids up from the bus in the car and instead grabbed the umbrellas and a jacket. It was warm. I figured they had probably not had recess, what with all... Read More


Whew, this month is kicking my behind. Or at least this week is. So much stuff to attend and cover, so much school stuff – all-day field trip Monday, two health committee meetings today.... Read More

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