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What would “success” look like

Today I was challenged to define success. This was at the end of a networking meeting, and I was spinning my wheels about what I’m trying to achieve with Mindful Healthy Life vs. what seems... Read More

Missing the moment, and then not

When I saw the other parents in the room at my daughter’s last dance class of the session, I froze. What were they all doing in there? I was supposed to be on a phone call! I mean, I could have figured we... Read More


I felt broken. Like a camera that had been stepped on and would never take another in-focus picture. It’s hard to know what to attribute to what, but I think food was a big part of it. The short version... Read More

A blissful hour: Massage Envy review

When I heard that Massage Envy was looking for review bloggers from, I relished the idea of a free massage. However, as someone with chemical sensitivities, I was worried that the place or its... Read More

A no-travel, just-us Thanksgiving

This is the second year we haven’t traveled or hosted anyone for Thanksgiving. I’ve been offline all day and want to avoid getting too sucked into a screen, so I’ll just recap in brief, and... Read More

How long can November possibly last?

For a short month, November has been really long. It feels like eons ago that I started this daily blogging thing, this getting up at 5 (or at least by 5:45) on school days to exercise and write. There have... Read More

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