Living naturally, most of the time.

How much more annoying could we sound?

At first it was kind of cute, my son inserting “actually” into his sentences. And then he started doing it all the time. It has been one of the first verbal habits I’ve started to find pretty annoying, actually.

Damn, there it is.

At first I thought it was annoying because he was using it inconsistently — accurately at times, and, at others, just as a placeholder. And then, as I’m sure anyone else might have already figured out, I realized he’s just parroting his mama who does it apparently all the time.

And so to my parents, my siblings, even my mother-in-law, I discovered this past weekend. What is it with all of us, trying to differentiate some of what we’re saying from all the worthless fluff we’re usually blabbing about?


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